Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Contest

Halloween Contest is one of my favorites...  Here's an example of the awesome art we got last year...

But I want to do something a little different this time... For this one I'd like to see a picture of your Wizard house or dorm room decorated for Halloween.

The contest will end October 29th so you'll need to be speedy.  To hurry things along we'll assign winners randomly so everyone has an equal chance to win even if you're a noob.
You can send them to:.

Here's what you can win...
1st Place Prize Pack:
One Random Pet (Zombie Piggle, Nightmare or Ghost Dragon)
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks

2nd Place Prize Pack:
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks
5,000 Crowns

3rd Place Prize:
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks

Lore Master

The Lore Master in Dragonspyre gives out a little more than just normal drops.  She gives out learned spells sometimes for various schools including the coveted Deer Knight spell.  In fact she gives out the balance spell called Loremaster, the Savage Paw balance spell, Samoorai balance spell, Krampus fire spell, Brimstone fire spell, the Luminous Weaver and Goat Monk life spells, the Keeper of the Flame and Ninja Pigs myth spells, Lord of Night and Deerknight for death and Winter Moon and Handsome Fomori for ice and Catalan for storm. Whew! that's a lot of spells to NOT give out.  Yep, that's right, I've been fighting her for weeks now without a single spell drop. Some friends of mine have had a little more luck but usually have gotten the opposite spell from what their school is; like Fire getting the ice spell, death getting the life spell etc.

Of course you can craft those same spells but they require you to be a pretty intensive gardener and some people don't have the time to spend in the online gardening business.  So if you want to pick up a learned spell you might try the Lore Master now and then but do be prepared to be disappointed a LOT before you right spell or any spell for that matter.

If you fight her solo you'll want to take out the ice minion that constantly hits you with -25% and -40% weakness.  The ice minion prolongs the battle by a very long time if you're soloing. Then gear up for a bigger hit with traps etc. when you're ready.  If death, then 'Crow works pretty well to clean up the minions and heal up a bit.  But you'll want an alternate-school wand that can be used to take the weakness off without using up your blades.  If you're not a tank-y wizard you probably want to use the team-up option and go in with a group to make it more tolerable.  Like the other day I was in with a Storm wiz that had 105 Damage and 612 Critical! Needless to say the battles finished in about 1 minute. So that helps your drop odds a bit I think.

The benefit of a group is that they can feel your pain with you on not getting any spells from her :)


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Quests and Spooky Stuff

Don't forget to stop by Dworgyn in Nightshade if you are level 13 and above for a fun Halloween quest. Not only do you have a chance for a Halloween drop from the quest you also can get a Frankenbunny pet for completing the quest.

 You'll find evil carrots and other spooky vegetables.

Even as a low level wizard you can still defeat the bad bunny behind this brouhaha.

Also don't forget about the mystery Halloween fish that's out there!  Drop me a line (see what I did there?) if you catch one!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fishing Contest Winners

Winners of the fishing contest are these amazing Wizards...

Storm Dog Fish

Epic Fishing Pic
alia-66 (Samantha Night Tail)

Tiger Fish
Victoria Ice

Vanessa Stormriver (vanessastormriver)

Kissing Fish
Maria Darkblood

My Fishing Trip
khemraj ramdeo

Wizard Fishing on Shore

Merle In
Vijeyta Revankar

GoldFish and the BearAcuda
Shreyas Revankar

Obiwan Tries To Save Fish

John Legend Heart (torrearrington)

Big Teeth Fish
Sabrina Smith (w101ok)

Story The Boy Who Loved To Go Fishing
Marissa Dragon Tail (kierzun)

The Balance of the Fish
Timothy lifestrider (tedylau)

Alf Fish
Juan TitanCatcher (ok101_4ever )


Fishing At The Shore
James DragonCatcher

Fishing at night in October
Michelle MoonCatcher

The Crustacean Fish
Quinn Dreamhaven (starcupkake488)


Brandon OwlSword (danielmrose)

Chase Pyromancer  (chase.11220)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Professor Who?

Don't be tardy.  Don't run out of time.  Do check out what's new in the five boxes quest line.

Do you have two hearts? Or turn into a new person every year or so? Do you enjoy the sight of a police call box flying wildly through space? Maybe you like to help people escape cyborgs or robots with little aliens inside that want to be exterminators? Or maybe you like solving spooky mysteries, running or being clever and manipulating time. Now it may not be Dr Who but Wizard101 has a new quest line that sounds a little fun for fans of the (*Doctah-*)

As for me I'm jumping in right away.  I can't wait for the mystery.

Now through Oct 13th 2014 you can enjoy a new quest line that gives you special access to some crafted mounts as well as other mysteries intended to be a surprise.

If you are 10th level or above, Talk to The Professor in the Wizard City Commons
If you are 30th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Marleybone's Regent's Square
If you are 40th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Mooshu’s Jade Palace
If you are 60th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Zafaria’s Baobab Crossroads
If you are 80th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Avalon’s Caliburn