Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wizard 101's 6th Birthday!

My twins and Wizard101 just had their birthday! I've been eating cake and ice cream and celebrating and leveling up! It seems appropriate that the boys share a birthday with Wizard since they were the ones that got me into playing it in the first place.

So join the month long party!

Not only are there crazy good deals on birthday themed items and new fish to catch!

What are you doing? Log in to Wizard and start celebrating!

See you there!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pet-a-Palooza closing finally!

Getting ready to send out the latest set of prizes!  So if you want one last chance for a prize enter the contest below!

Stay tuned for the start of Post-a-palooza where you'll get to see the awesome posts that we received.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Valerian's School Summer 2014 Pet a Palooza Contest CONTINUES!

 Valerian's School Summer 2014 Pet a Palooza Contest!

We are giving away the following prizes this June and July: 
Arcane Helpers
Beta Fish,
Bumble Bees
Night Hawks
Polar Bear Cubs
Shaolin Monkeys
Snakes in Baskets
Stegasauruses or Stegasaurasi?
Trojan Horses
Energy Elixirs
Mega Snack Packs
and a few Midday Estates and Meadows at Dusk and Night Gardens

So how will you win them you ask?
By creating one of the following:
A unique story, artwork or blog style post about Wizard101.

Email it to me at:

Include your Wizard name, your name and your age.  If you are a young-ling please send the email through your parent, or a family member or buddy's email account.

If you're sending a picture, save it as .jpg image (JPEG).  If it's a article save it as .rtf (RICH TEXT FORMAT) or Word Doc if you have to.  If it's a story you can just include it in the email.  Please don't send web URLs as we probably won't have time to open them in a safe manner.  (I like to keep my computer virus free!)

What you send to us must be: Something new and original and be created by you. I'll post them over time for our readers to enjoy unless you say otherwise.

Winners will receive codes as they are won during the months of June and July.  If we can provide identifying information without giving away your actual identity we may announce winners.  But in the past this has caused some confusion because many wizards share the same names. (imagine that!)  And we don't want to get hopes up if someone sees their name up and it was really another wizard with the same name that won don't have a code... so we'll be looking for an alternate way to list winners. We'll figure something out.

While most winners will be picked randomly, there will be some chosen for sheer awesomeness.  So the amount of work that goes into it will be rewarded based on your age group.  So do your best.!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

June Pet-a-Palooza Contest

It's that time again!  **Contest time**

This time around I think we'll do something different...  I'm always asking you what you want to hear about or what you know about something or to write a poem or draw a picture. So what else can I have you do to show your awesome uniqueness and your passion for Wizard101?

Stay tuned to find out.

If you have a strong opinion on what kind of contest you want you can let me know by commenting.

~ Vale

Saturday, May 31, 2014

A good route for finding comet tails and stardust

So if you're into crafting and you need to craft the latest stuff you'll find you need comets and stardust that comes from them if you're really lucky.

This route works from the top of the ridge and works down to the lowlands...  Note the green arrow on the map to see where my character is and you can pretty much work your way there.  Just don't run into bad guys while you have the map up or it will take you a long time!

There is one more but I find that it takes you pretty far out of the way of the route and you often get caught trying to get.  You'll find if you switch realms in between then you can collect quite a few so you don't need to risk grabbing the really dangerous ones.

This is not a comet but you can pick up this chessboard complete with a skeletal pirate at Skull Rock.

 Here's where Skull Rock is on the map