Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Bash

Last night what friends could be gathered met at a the home of Robert Dragonheart for an impromptu New Years celebration. Robert suggested we get nostagic and see what we looked like as noobs starting the game about a year ago. Here is a picture of Duncan, Suri, Jasmine, Valerian (me), Logan, and Rowan.

Then Cody Ghostblade taught us how to run into the sky. It took us a while to figure out but we all had to try it.

Then we had a noob battle as it became midnight Mountain Standard Time. We had fun killing each other without gear while Cody cheered for both sides.

It was really fun to share New Years with our friends on the game and certainly wish that all of you could have been there.


Robert DragonHeart said...

That was very fun what cody was teaching us. Also that was the house I had just gotten about an hour before we started the party. I'm glad that everyone had fun.

Jacob GoldGrove the Adept Ice Wizard said...

Hey Valerian it's me and I have to say the houses are pretty awesome! When I saw the balence house it looked sweet then when I saw the Ice house it looked even cooler like a cooler get it? Well any way on you tube i saw Angel DragonGem solo Malistare so can you make a vidio on you soloing malistare and the whole instance? If you need to get friends to put in the crystals.

Jacob Goldgrove said...

Hey Velerian I have another spell idea! It's a wand spell called shock it does 450 and + 100 storm damage over three rounds and stuns the enemy. It costs 6 pips and an acruracy of 70%.
Thats my new spell so pass it on to whoever you want and tell the creator so he can figure out what new storm gear for storm only.
P.S I made the g lowercase because I made a mistake in my name and I play freerealms now.

Your #1 Fan
Jacob Goldgrove


Got to hand it to you Vale you sure know how to throw a party gah to bad i wasn't there lol maybe next time. But anyways Happy New Year to you and Everyone see you in the spiral!


Got to hand it to you Vale you sure know how to throw a New Year Party. Hey Just try and invite me for the next one hehe. Happy Gaming!

Dugan Gold Grove The Master Of balance said...

Dear Valerian I wish i was your friend but... I no longer have subscribshion :( and we will have to meet in wizard city in front of the grand father tree so i think i will have text forever and I wish i were with you but i sure had some awesome times with my best friend Paige WinterThief and if you find her tell her i said hi and she's a myth wizard a master myth wizard and tell her my subscribshion is over.

Your good friend,
Dugan GoldGrove