Sunday, July 17, 2011

Creative "Spelling"

I was talking to Cody Skyrider today and he showed me this cool video for AQ worlds. 
We got to tossing around some ideas and the result was some creative spell alternatives. (aka: creative SPELLing :)

New spell ideas for Wizard 101's dueling arena.

Duplicate:  Make a copy of your opponent who then becomes a minion on your side.
Switch Lives: Turn yourself into your opponent (health, deck, gear and all) and them into you.
Polymorph into opponent: Turn yourself into a copy of them and beat them at their own game?

Reflect:  Make the spell bounce back on a single or all opponents if multi-hit.  (similar to beguile but without immunity for the caster)
Convert Hit to Heal: Make the opponents hit heal rather than hurt
Half-and-Half: Make opponents spell do half damage to them and half to you
Convert to X School:  Convert your spell to any school you chose for a price of skipping your turn next round

  Reverse Dome:  make the first turn team the second turn team
  Double Hit: make all single hit spells hit twice
  DOT Dome: the dome increases damage over time spells
  Drain Health Dome: the dome itself damages opponents over time as well as reducing heals
  Minus Hit Dome:  the dome is a 25% damage minus to all
  Minus Accuracy: the dome reduces accuracy to all

Death Curse:  a killing blow to you deals instant defeat to your opponent if you have this special glow.

Anyway.  If this gets your creative juices flowing be sure to leave a comment  with your ideas! 

See you on the game!
Valerian Nightbringer


ali said...

That video was totally hilarious. :)

Vanessa said...

This is a great idea!