Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two important stops for every wizard in Avalon

For those of you who are crafters you'll be looking for the location of the crafting guy in Avalon in order to get the edge in arena and have an easier time in battle. For those of you who don't yet craft you'll want to train up at least one wizard in crafting and make your super-suit.
The crafting guy is located here where the green arrow is on the map.

The new gear is a slight but much-needed improvement over the Celestia gear especially for those that are Ice considering the aggressive new spells the damage schools are getting.

For those of you just starting Avalon, you'll want to pick up the Zeke quest for the crows before you go too far.  That training point will go nicely with your new outfit.  Zeke likes to hang out with Eloise recently so check out where she is on Abbey Road and there will be Zeke too. 

See you in Avalon!

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