Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Contest Winners

Winners are recieving emails right now telling them that they won something awesome! Here are the names of the winners. Please note that in the game it's possible to have many wizards with the same name. If you were the right wizard you'll have an email waiting for you.

If you weren't the lucky one then please keep visiting because we have a huge December giveaway and I will be announcing that in the next couple days. I'll also see about posting your Dino pics maybe without names attached just in case you're shy.

Thanks to all that entered. I hope you had a great thanksgiving and I am hoping you'll get to visit family during the new year as well.


Here are the Wizards that were hit by the luck spell.

Isabella Starsong
Hunter MythEyes
Michelle Mooncatcher
Joshua Jaderunner
Emily Dawnbringer
Naomi N.
Chris Togg
Royal Wizard
Amber Goldgem
Pearl Pyre
Kevin Eall
Chris Drakeflame
Rosie Zhao
Keira Deathwalker
Alexander da Coolest
Scarlet Dragon
Danny Wizzy
Cammie Nixt
Hope Norris
Caine Cladiusnod
Alex NightBoom
Joshua Jaderunner
Lainey Washburn
Megan AshCloud
Jasmin Chowdhury
Erin NightRiver
Zachary Rainwillow
Jack Dshield

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