Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Contest winners have been picked

The picture submissions have been judged and prizes will be emailed out tomorrow!

Thank you all so much for your awesome pictures. I'm totally in awe of the talent you have for drawing and awesome picture taking.  We love pictures that really tell a story and there were some really good ones.

I would love to get you guys to draw for a site redesign.   Hmmm, that gives me a contest idea...

Thanks again for your patience and I'll be showering you in prizes tomorrow evening!

In the mean time enjoy some pictures courtesy of our contestants.


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Paige Dreamcloud said...

Those are some totally AMAZING entries! The pets are too dang cute and I'm still in awe at how creative our Wizard community is. Perhaps that's why we're all so friendly with each other...there's a little bit of artist in every one of us, whether its writing, drawing, photo-taking...just another reason why I LOVE our community ;) And thank YOU so much for the amazing contests. Without sites like yours requesting our creativity no one would ever know :D

Paige Dreamcloud said...

Also, I hope that your family's Christmas was filled with laughter and joy! And that your 2013 will be the best new year yet!

Rosie Zhao said...

Wow these are amazing! Thank for the contest Val :)
-Amber Firesword