Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some pictures from Aquilla in Test Realm

If you are level 30 and above you can go talk to Cyrus Drake and get the quest for Aquilla.  The world itself is visually interesting and the characters are impressive looking.  The bosses are low-ish level.  I doubt you'll see any above 5000 in health.  If you're level 30 it will be challenging but if you're high level you'll crit your way through pretty fast.

Cryus sends you on a quest to find out about the Immortal games...

 He then sends you to Romulus in Cyclops lane...  Set a marker there as you'll have to report back to Romulus at least 1 time.

Here's a fun glitch I saw with the Minotaur pet. I think he took some Minotaur growth potion.

I think it's funny when a new world is loading and you can see the golems that stand in for the characters until their models are loaded.

Here's Romulus ready to send you on the next leg of your journey

O O, the giant Minotaurs are back!  This makes me want to get one.  I kinda like that size for pets... maybe not always but sometimes.

Instructions to seek Olympus using Apollos' chariot.

Here's my whale looking totally like a fish "in" water swimming around Olympus

Athena sends us on a quest to eventually fight Zeus

These bad guys have about 1500 health each with the boss having about 5000.

A tough centaur but he and his minions are about the same level of difficulty.

This centaur is in big trouble.

I found one of the little things you are supposed to find inside the first instance.  You can see the green arrow on the map to see where inside the instance.

 Aires and even Zeus in their cool looks were no match for my epic crit rating.  But later Zeus did say that he was going easy on us.  I'm sure he'll try to cheat eventually but I'm so ready for that...

A ship that looks like it might be ready to sail into Pirate101.

This instance looks like it might go to where Hades is...

Here's the map of Olympus.  It does really seem like a very small world so far.  I guess time will tell but I couldn't see any areas beyond the initial mapped area.

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It's just three dungeons! :P