Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Contest Pictures

Here are the awesome pictures that I was able to retrieve from my email.  I am extremely impressed with all of them.  I may have to find some codes to give out for these since art always makes me happy.

I love hand drawn pictures:   This one comes from Sierra Dragonshield.  I think she captures the essence of the Wraith owning the pumpkin scare-crow with a wild bolt if I'm not mistaken.  *shivers* that brings back bad memories of arena a few years back when I was a Bolt magnet.

Ashley Stalker created this awesome pic with paint tool SAI.  Why do I love Anime style so much? IDK but I do...

This spooky scene comes from Karic Stormflame.

This compo comes from David Silverhunter who does a cool mix of Alice-in-Wonderlandish flare but with an undercurrent of pure evil.  I love it.

This book-cover ready composition comes from Samantha NightTail who is from Russia? (If I read my domain post-fixes properly)  There's no way to know if you're quite safe or not if she knocked on your door Halloween night.  I'd probably be more scared of the cat.  I think he's not declawed!

This one from Michael WildFlame frames a great scene with some a little urban graffiti frame.  I still struggle with transparencies sometimes so cudos for the good work.

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