Saturday, February 7, 2015


What could cause a normally zen Wizard to scream the scream of ultimate suffering?

Remember I was working very patiently on my Ice Grimoire.  I grew plants to give him treats, I took him to the park and played mini games with him to grow him up and help him learn.  I took him on battle runs and tested his abilities.  Everything was wonderful and he was growing by leaps and bounds.  It took days upon days to get him to Mega.  Those last 2000 points worth of snacks and training was exhausting, intense and draining but my Grimiore was right there by my side.

What happened next you ask?  What could cause the scream of ultimate suffering?

Mana Gift is what happened. My tears have raised the ocean levels making some beach property owning millionaires move their homes back a couple inches. Some of them are defiantly surfing the slightly improved waves and wearing flip flops in their slightly wetter back yards.  But not me!  I'm still grieving over destroyed expectations.  Why must my Grimoire get such a grim talent as the final Mega talent? For those of you that feel my pain, I mourn with you.

Will your son or daughter grow up to be awesome without lame talents Grimiore?  You had such potential but now the torch of potential awesomeness must be passed to your children. 


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Stingite said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about that mana gift talent manifesting. :/