Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shark Week Prize Giveaway

Shark week seems to be going crazy this year both in real life and on TV.  Sharks have been in the news a lot it seems but you can enjoy a brush with Sharks by fishing in Wizard101!  That's more my style.  It would take a lot to get me in the water with a real shark but I'm all for jumping in with both feet in Wizard City.

But whether you like to fish or not, you have a chance to win 5000 crowns, permanent shark mount, or a Stormiger Shark pet (for Pirate 101)

So, in the spirit of Shark Week... send me a picture of your best fish catch OR your best drawing of your best fish catch in Wizard101 OR why not drawing of a shark.  Either one is fine...

Use an email address that can receive email so you can get a code back if you win. And if you need a parent's help, please use their email address.  Winners will be chosen at random but your best work may make it on to the blog so be creative.

Also try to keep it to one entry so we can share the goodies with a wide group of people. Send your Shark related image and your wizard name to:


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