Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Polarian Bundle Awesomeness

Wizard101 provided a Polarian bundle to check out and test.  Here are the results...

Overall you'll enjoy the look. It's very wintry (good timing for the snow we just got here). Another fun thing about the bundle is the mount which has a special secret you can see in way way below. The mount is a must-have for questing wizards.  The bundle is so awesome you may hallucinate that you saw a multi-colored bunny. Or did I really see that?

Anyway, you'll find that the bundle has decent shielding and good shadow pip setup. It's a good outfit for multi-school spell casters as you'll get much needed general accuracy. (more details below)

I'll post more about the castle which anyone who has a bit-o-sea in the blood will LOVE!!!


P.S.  Check out the video way way at the end of this post... I had a weird digital barf that ended in my pet being able to run around the cannon game target area. I fly my owl around the entire area and check out what's way at the back and the little tower thing. Scroll all the way down... it's worth it for the curious wizard.

This whale just looks boss!

Narwhal, narwhal living in the ocean... causing a commotion because they are so awesome!

...Narwhal GIVES 2% extra tough!

Gear and pet posing for the paparazzi

Here's the full gear

The level 100 wand has a good crit rating! And additional generic accuracy is much appreciated for us double-schoolers.

The level 100 coat has a decent block amount and good shadow pips. Of course the generic accuracy is nice for double-school setup.  The 100 level boots have much appreciated shield break and good shielding and shadow pips too.

The hat... check out the shadow pips at level 100 and a relatively good 16% block.

Here are the wand selections for different levels.

The level 11

 Level 12 wand

Check this out! Through some kind of bug my pet is free to fly around the whole cannon game village! I'm always curious to see what I can see. If you follow my owl you get to find where the real boundaries of this area are.

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Jim said...

that looks great. My highest wizard is still a long way from 100% but some day