Friday, December 4, 2015

Polaris Night 3

I blazed through a huge part of Polaris with Suri and Duncan and a little help later on from kindly storm wiz. I ran around on day 4 looking for icecream cones and white roses. I'll post the locations shortly.

But along the way there was this cool quest...

Baba Yaga sends you to Arcanum. So is this a glimpse of the next world in Wizard? Or, is Arcanum a world between worlds like Wysteria but without the fighting quests? It seems to be a school world at the moment but the the thing that's cool about it is that it's a place outside of the Spiral. A wizard may guess that a place outside the spiral may run into trouble at some point like maybe some problem will cause it to fall out of it's place.  I'm just saying, things can go wrong and when they do a good wizard is usually needed!

This place is awesome!

This NPC reminds me of the girl in the MockingJay movie with her hair style and tattoo.

Velma Von Venkman helps you on your quest for a bit.  

I wonder if she's related to this Venkman?  Maybe a great great great Grandma on his Dad's side?

This place looks a little bit etherial but with a dash of outer-spaceyness.

In the Storm School area these guys look like they're a bit shocked by what they're learning.

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