Sunday, November 6, 2016

Celestial Carpet Mount Promo (Mirage)

It's no Mirage... there is a carpet mount available to Wizards who do one of two things...

1) Have an active Wizard account (membership) on November 29th 2016 at 11:59PM Central Time...
2) Buy crowns between November 1st before midnight 2016 Central Time

Those are pretty easy right? Remeber, you only need to do one or the other... not both. But if you happen to have some extra crowns hanging around you might find they come in handy in shops that will be available to you soon!  So just keep your account active OR buy crowns! And YOU'LL get this awesome mount!

If you have questions or think that's too good to be true... check out the official page on here

Why do I get the feeling we'll be zipping around over the desert sands soon?


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Isaiah Spelldust said...

Hey remember me old friend?? It's been a while but im back in the blogging community! I actually updated the defenders blog a bit but just trying to reconnect with everyone! lets link up its been forever!