Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Leveling up Fast in Wizard City

In wizard city there is a huge amount of quests available. You may be overwhelmed at first by how many but I'd recommend you quickly collect as many as you can. Eventually some of them cross over each other. For example: one quest might say "defeat three trolls" and another quest from someone just down the street may say "defeat trolls and retrieve food". If you collect all the quests you can first you can accomplish some of these at the same time. You will find you can blaze through a bunch very quickly.

If you are new you need to start looking for good friends who are doing the same quest. If you battle with friends and more monsters join you get credit for all of them and collect your quest items more quickly.

Places like Colossus boulevard require your quests to be completed in order to get in. So don't bug people going to and from hoping to port in with them... just finish your quests and eventually Merle Ambrose will give you permission to go there.

Don't be a drive by friend-er! Don't try to friend people while they are going about their business (this only annoys them) and they'll likely take you off their list later anyway. Be polite, ask permission to join a battle, avoid rude people, talk to people and you will find those people who are nice and polite in return will be the friends that stay with you world after world.

Help your friends when you can and don't flee unless your Mom or Dad is telling you to!

Be a good friend.
Valerian Nightbringer


jessica said...

this is all old info..... google said you would be talking about leveling up pets not wizards.

blaze duskblade said...

you can also get a high level friend to take you to do crimson fields

Anonymous said...

just dont port and have them try to powerlevel you either if you made a new account it dont work

Anonymous said...

That`s pretty good advice... way to go!

Marissa Nightriver said...

ok ok....stop messing with him....he is trying his best, and who knows when he posted it (i am mostly talking to jessica) calm DOWN! I know you may have been looking for how to lvl pets, and this is what came up, but dont blame him for what google did! i mean like seriously!
ok, my job is done here!

thx allot! Marissa <3

Unknown said...


BestOut3321 said...

Hey I know!!! Get a lv70 friend and then teleport when hes in ZAFARIA and youre still Lv1!!

Anonymous said...

yes that may work but it will not work with any of my level 70 as i do not let anyone port who has not earned it.

Anonymous said...

or u could go to marleybone and talk to a guy by barkingham palace