Wednesday, April 1, 2009

High Damage Hits

How do you get big number spells like the ones below?

One thing I could not recommend highly enough is learning the traps and blades spells from Niles (the tree) in Krokotopia. These will help you achieve maximum damage. Everyone wants to get the big hits, and you can if you layer an ice trap with a elemental trap and an ice blade with an elemental blade. This gives you a double-blade so [spell damage] * 40% * 35% * 30% * 30% if you use all those traps and blades in one spell. Now you're up to a couple thousand most likely. If you want to do even more damage cast a dome for your intended spell. This gives it an additional multiplier another 20-40% which gives you close to 3000! Now, to do even more damage cast the opposite school spell (just make sure it's what you've set up for your traps and blades) and you'll be up to about 4000 damage! ( Fire for Ice, Myth for Storm, Death for Life )

But WAIT, there's more! What if you set all these up with a convert? Now your convert takes effect and if there are any additional traps for that type (ex: fire) now you add possibly two additional traps for fire! That's now you're looking at a cool 5 Large in damage.

If you're a higher level wizard and have learned some death moves and have feint, or, if you're adventuring with someone who has one, you can do an additional 70% on top of that! At that point it might as well be a nuclear strike. Additionally, you can add balance blades for increased blade power.

And so you think by now that this would be all, right? WAIT THERE'S MORE!

Go to the Library and buy a few tough pluses or search your treasure cards for any "Tough" pluses that you can add to your own card. These add anywhere from 75 points to your original spell up to 100 or so if you use "Giant" or even more if you apply a "Monstrous". This increases your base hit and your end result by at least approximately a thousand by the time all is done. Don't forget to have some of these ready in your treasure card side-board.

So far the highest damage I've seen is about 8000 without a convert plus additional traps. I'll see if I can screen cap a super strike for y'all.

Five last tips worthy of consideration:
1) If you're setting up a guy for a nuclear strike you want to ensure everyone in your party does NOT use any minor strikes as it wastes feints and traps. You also will need to get them to agree to hold off on a big hit until the moment is right.
2) Having a steal or two in your treasure cards is handy to take away those last minute shields your foe puts up.
3) Have your tough or giant cards in your treasure deck or pre-bake your treasure cards. Also You may want to use treasure card versions of elemental blade etc for a little additional power.
4) Put two traps on before the convert and two after. (your own schools trap layers onto the elemental trap). If you put the convert on last it will use only one set of traps!
5) LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, use a wand that is NOT of your own school! Why? Specifically, this will allow you to use minor strikes to remove blade minuses that bad guys love to put on you. Without doing this you'll loose twenty percent off your overall strike.

Happy hunting. Post if you have an awsome hit with these tips. (remember: Ice Wizards Rule :) Since the original posting, I've heard of a Minotaur hitting 12325 on it's second blow! (remember double-strike hits will need two feints and double the amount of traps etc to get a good second hit) Please send in screen caps of your hits and any additional tips!

Thanks Grace for the Dryad heal pic. Grace is a Life Wiz to be reckoned with in the arena.

enjoy! ~ Valerian

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