Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ice Wizards are Back!

King's Aisle fixed the forge bug for Ice Wizards. I was able to summon my ice giant, sort of... he was so far away he was hard to see, but he showed and I got my spell. Right afterward I pushed a wrong key and suddenly lost my ability to move or exit the game etc. After end-tasking the program I was able to get back in and return to Ravenwood for my spell.

The Giant simply rocks bringing Ice Wizards back into the arena battle scene. Let's face it, even with the extra health, colossus was just plain tedious to employ against three enemies with 2,000 health. (Like the insanity of Kensington Court in Marleybone.)

Anway, check these pics and next time you see an Ice Wiz you might want to be extra nice :)

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