Sunday, April 19, 2009

Arena Mania

As people are bored of working in Dragonspyre after level 50 and not getting any new experience points, the number of Grand Masters obsessing with arena battling has exploded. One thing becomes quickly apparent as you battle in the arena. Either you find nice people or most often you find rude people.

Nice, or rude, everyone wants to win. This has led to some unspecified "Rules" of the arena in which some people frown on certain practices. For example, a number of wizards are chain-stunning people and then killing them in one wave of spells.

Others have a couple life wizards in their group who throw a regenerate every few turns. Still others cast minions constantly to do the attacking. In any event the side that feels taken advantage of, makes accusations of cheating, or simply, are just rude.

It seems to me that if there are certain "unspoken" rules of arena etiquette that they shouldn't be unspoken, they should be enforced by the game itself or accepted as a painful fact of life. For those without an unfair advantage, there is often little point in the arena scene.

For me, my bad experiences have outweighed the good and I've met more rude people there than not. I have, however, met two fast friends who in the heat of mortal battle were kind and light hearted and most of all gracious. In the end, whether someone has an unfair advantage or not, perhaps the real measure of a wizard is how they conduct themselves.

If I see you in the arena, win or lose, I'll expect you to be courteous. After all courtesy is what makes a good wizard great.

See you around,
Valerian Nightbringer

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Elizabeth SeaDreamer said...

Nicely put Valerian. Thank you. Elizabeth SeaDreamer