Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Arena -1 bug is back

A spontaneous new -1 bug is in effect right now not unlike the one you use to be able to create... (see our investigative piece on that in our archive).

This -1 bug seems to happen randomly to a player who joins a multi player PVP. The net effect is that the team who happens to get the -1 bug can win points from noob teams. A sad example was 4 of us level 50 who won 24 points from a team of level 20. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

A new irritating feature that has been reintroduced also is the loss of your pips if you cast a multi-hit on someone who just got killed in the same turn as your cast. Ex: storm person tritons the guy you cast on and they die and you lose all your pips you saved to cast Frost Giant. This had been in effect previously and then was went away for a few months and now is back.

Thankfully the texting bug where the text option disappears for friends until you hit enter and then bring up their friend profile is now fixed or so it appears.


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Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I had that text chat bug just this morning.