Monday, December 14, 2009

Buy a white tiger and support charity

The following is a quote from the Wizard101 site.

"Wizard101 Unveils New Mount to Raise Money for Children’s Charities
Sales of “Meowmodon” to support Child’s Play and the Austin Children’s Shelter

We are proud to give our players and their friends a unique way to support children this holiday season. The purchase of an in-game mount, the “Meowmodon”, will benefit the Austin Children’s Shelter and Child’s Play. The Austin Children’s Shelter provides emergency shelter and care for abused and neglected children and Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to providing games and toys to children in hospitals worldwide.

The black and white Meowmodon resembles a large tiger and sells for 7,500 in-game Crowns per mount. For each Meowmodon mount sold, KingsIsle will donate the full amount (a retail value of approximately $15) to the two charities, divided equally. The Meowmodon is available for purchase through the in-game Crown Shop from December 14, 2009 through January 5, 2010.

“We have an opportunity to give back by tapping into the power of our Wizard101 community – our 5 million players can make a real difference to deserving children,” said Elie Akilian, CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “We chose these organizations because we wanted to support the communities that we are a part of – one located in the same city as our design studio and another with global reach, just like Wizard101.”"


Jacob GoldGrove The Adept Ice wizard said...

Hey Valerian it's me and I have to say the houses are pretty awesome! When I saw the balence house it looked sweet then when I saw the Ice house it looked even cooler like a cooler get it? Well any way on you tube i saw Angel DragonGem solo Malistare so can you make a vidio on you soloing malistare and the whole instance? If you need to get friends to put in the crystals.

Jacob Goldgrove said...

I got to tell you something about a new game I play called Freerealms. When i first started playing it and got subscribsion there was no text but now they added it so member or no mamber you can use text. Go check it out on and look for Jacob Goldgrove woth out the capital g in Grove.

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Jacob GoldGoldGrove.