Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aztec world

By Cody Skyrider:

When someone copied my idea on Central, it made me want to get some of the details out so that the Wizard101 people could get an idea of what the world is that I though up. So here it is.

Trapped! 3000 XP
Talk to aztec kingKing: We are in Great distress young wizard! Monster plants have been eating our soldiers, Please help! Goal: Defeat 5 Trap-Dragons

Now talk to king.
King: Oh Thank you so much young mage! Knowing our soldiers are safe is High priorty in our kingdom.

Prize: 400 Gold, And starter gear for the world.

Ra! 3500 XP
King: The mighty sun beasts Have beatrayed us! They are destroying everything!

Goal: Defeat 10 Of Ra's servants

King: Wow young wizard I saw you beat the Trap dragons but did not know you were capable of this!

Prizes: Special ring, 1000 Gold

Crickey! 1500 XP
King: We have heard rumors of mounstorous creatures Lurking in our swamps. Go talk to some villagers that live there.

Goal: Talk to 5 villagers
Last villager: I have seen these beasts Half man half Gator they are Creatures of destruction.

New goal: Talk to the king.
Narator: You go to thing king and tell him what the villagers told you.

King: We must do something about this! Go meet my general Down by the swamp he will tell you what to do.

Prize: 1000 Gold.

See ya later aligator! 3500 XP
General: We must stop these beasts but they are fast. I have one Agility potion left. It will only last for one hour so be fast!

Nararator: You pour the potion down your throat. Your feet tingle but then feel normal.

Goal: Deffeat 5 Humagators
Prizes: Special athmae, 1000 Gold

Essay 1000 XP
General: Go tell the king of our sucess and i will report back to my post.Goal: Talk to the king.
King: Wow thank you young wizard!

Prizes: 300 Gold.

I'll post the rest later. What do you think?

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