Thursday, September 9, 2010

Celestia Preview and Selina Gomez

The test realm is up again with a sneak peek of Celestia.  This is part of the "Meet Selina Gomez" promotional so fire up the test realm and get going!  (log into the wizard101 web site, click the red ribbon close to the top right of the screen and then scroll down to find the download link)

See Halston Balestrom to start your quest and use the quest tracker.  As your quest progresses you may find the scarlet screamers are invisible (as they were for me) jump in where the quest tracker tells you they are anyway and fight them until you get what you need.

I logged into the test realm early on and got some pictures from my adventures.  Mostly I was blown away by the crowds of people and was having a hard time finding the various items in the storm school because there were so many people so I just ran into each group and pushed X and found my way by trial and error.

Check out where the Triton Avenue river dumps you!  Into a cool water world where you can swim, or fly (as the case is for me in the picture) and fight some awesome new enemies!  I won't spoil it for you.  But please do go check it out and be sure to help Selina Gomez whether you're crushing on her or not.  There are worse things to do in the spiral.

I suspect Cody and Logan were probably the first on the scene to help out.  They are big fans of Wizard101, Wizards of Waverly Place, and well, Selena... that goes without saying.

Get out there and kick some underwater enemy booty.

Valerian Nightbringer