Sunday, November 7, 2010

Caching Major XP in Celestia

I said not-so-jokingly to my friend a couple days ago that I'll be the last person done Wizard101's Celestia.  I've gone back and helped buddies catch up to where I am about 6 times already.  And there is no end in sight for those that I need to help including Cody and Logan and Rowan and and and.   I don't mind being a slow poke through Celestia except for the idea that I want to keep you all informed.  And what becomes of the Grand Master who is eclipsed by the student? 

Well, this Grand Master has a few tricks up his sleeve still...

I went into the big kids part of town to help with the Solarium yesterday as a lowly level 54 to help some of my level 58 buddies finish with their run through Celestia.  And what do you know but it gave me 5 bars of XP in one shot!  Because of a bug in the instance where only one person can pick up the sun disc, we had to go in a second time and what to my wondering eyes should appear but another gazillion XP almost wrapping my XP counter one bar shy of level 56!  To experiment I went in one last time and sadly this time then instance was wise to my - um, shall we say - "experiment." :(  Bummer.  Even still I was sure glad I helped.

Who says being helpful isn't the way to get ahead?

Valerian Nightbringer


Blaze Deathcaster said...

Don't worry, you won't be last. I've yet to hit level 52 as I slowly ease into the watery new world. Instead, I worked on getting my ice wizard through Krok and Marleybone (Now I understand the atraction of Ice!) and using said wizard to help nearly any stranger who asks. I also started crafting so that I'll be able to make some cool gear in Celestia. I guess it's about time to take the plunge and focus on the new world.

Theresa said...

I helped out a group in the Solarium that brought along a level 1 wizard. By the time we were done, the baby wizard was at level 17!

My wizard just went from level 52 to 53. wish it had gone up to 56!

Nessa said...

Celestia is so hard now, even 2 regular storm monster ranked 9th killed me 3 times. Is it because i have low health as a myth wizard or is it that KI ranked the bar too high?