Friday, November 26, 2010

Pet Leveling the Economic Way....

Glowing star fruit is best food for the buck!

I am always looking for a REAL DEAL when leveling my pets. I am one of the many wizards who due to the economy is forced to level my pets the economic way. I farm for items to sell, then use the gold I have earned to buy food for my pet or pets that I am working on. Some foods are very expensive for a max of 6 points such as - cracker jacks cereal, or the medium pretzel which offer 6 points per game and costs 2250 in gold. I have found that the Glowing Star Fruit is around 350 to 450 in gold and offers 6 points per game if your pet doesn't like it and even more in points if it likes or loves it.

You probably wonder why I would choose to share such valuble information? Well, I figure if it helps one pet reach it's potential it is a good thing.... Or by me sharing this information someone may have something just as valuble to share that we may benefit from as well.

For a pet to reach epic it is 1000 points. Take this and use some math you find the following to be true:

Games give an average of 4 points per game then add food points and get a total of advancement...

1000 divided by 10 = 100 games

(100 games times 450.00 in gold = 45,000 in gold)

vs a higher price food

(100 games times 2250 in gold = 225,000 in gold)

- 45,000
180,000 saved ;-) = ( a whole lot of savings when you have to farm for gold)

Please note that this outcome is based on doing well at the games.


SorionHex said...

Ooh. When they fix the blasted Pet Orb, I'll start training my pet O_o But for now, it's better suited for my Garden. xD

Nessa said... do we get spiritual healing? My pet, a star fish is adult and i think my friend's is also, but her starfish can heal. How does my heal?