Wednesday, December 8, 2010

86 hour work streak randomness

After finishing a huge stretch of work I'm getting back into the wizard101 world with a vengance.  For some fun and information check out these wiz links.
Check out a cool new video here:
Browse through the new news letter:

If you log in around Christmas time from Dec 21 to Jan 1 you will be awarded with a Christmas hat of some variety.  I'd post the link but it's broken.  I hope it's a Santa hat!  I love to wear mine around the house when I'm doing Christmass-y things like shopping online or decorating.
And don't forget to pick up an ice elf if you are looking for a new pet that is "cool" this time of year.

His smile is about as big as mine now that I'm done work!
Last but not least is our latest update on lounge lizards... zoom in on the picture and see where the green arrow is pointing.  You'll need to navigate there.  Good hunting!

Valerian Nightbringer

P.S.  Check out some of our readers blogs:


Nessa said...

:) awesome video. Thanks for the PS. Its so nice of you to do Valerian.

Deni said...

The hat you get is basially a blue santa hat with stars and stuff on it