Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crafting Gear

Over the last couple of weeks I have been adventuring the world of crafting on a whole new level.

This is due to my friend Duncan Starstone. (He is always thinking up something awesome!)

While questing in Celestia on our Ice Toons he discovered an Ice Blade Amulet that could be crafted. It is named the Iceblade Vial and the recipe can be purchased from Charlotte Heath in Celestia at the Base Camp. It gives one card that increases the ice hit an additional 45%. Add that to your school blade of 40% and tri blade of 35% and look out arena here we come.....

Then on a questing night Duncan tells me he wants to craft an Ice Hat that will increase his ice critical factor and his life critical factor... tips he got from our friend and ice team member Kestrel Spiritblade - Hmmmm, sounds like a good plan. (He can be so amazing when he starts to scheme lol)

The Wintersoul Mantle recipe can be purchased from Hamish Willoughby in the Grotto. This hat offers
+301 health, +5% accuracy in ice, +53 Critical Rating in ice, +11% strength in ice
and +5% accuracy to life, +60 Critical Rating to life, +15% strength to life.

Some amazing attributes to add to the Ice Gear set up.... Will be Nice to go Critical when healing.... Over the next few days we will be testing our new gear out on random bosses and I will update and let you know how well it works. Maybe post some hit damage factors and critical heal facts.

Crafting can be challenging at times due to the farming for regeants. But in my personal oppinion it is well worth the effort. It has turned out to be one of KingsIsles best updates so far.


Nessa said...

ever tried the gears from the last dungeon??? good critical rating.

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