Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update News

Professor Falmea of Wizard101 sent out some more info on upcoming updates and gives an interview in the newsletter:

Some of the cool updates about to hit:

1) Faster energy refills
2) Faster crafting times
3) Bigger Friend list
4) Larger backpacks
5) New crown items
6) Easier sorting for gear
7) Gardening fixes (seems like the infinite harvest bug and changes to stop garden stacking)
In a farewell to garden stacking here is a follower submission of an awesome garden.  Since I have not yet heard back from KingIsle on whether stacking is something one can get banned for I'll keep the identity of this poster secret for now.  Check it out!

Is this cool or what?!

Valerian Nightbringer


Arlen Dawneyes said...

Stacking isn't banable. Just that little fiasco where people found a way to infinite harvest. But, KI is taking away stacking in the Test Realm, so its too late to make one now I'm sure.

Nessa said...

Awesome stacking, i cant grow those deadly fly trap for some reason.