Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween party and Crowns contest winners announced on Sunday

We had an epic Halloween party.  We played some arena and a whole lot of Tag.  The tag game is super fun especially with a large house like the castle.

With a bunch of buddies and a bunch of strangers we had a port-a-party gathering adventurous impulsive wizards from all over.

 Duncan pretty and Suri pretty much ruled the arena with their evil Deerknight spell.

 Here's me trying to hide during the wildfire tag game.  I later realized I needed to un-equip my dragon and staff and amulet so I wouldn't glow.
I did finally win one at the very end of the party when I found the absolute ultimate hiding spot.  (which will remain secret)


Cameron RedGem said...

Nice one what you said for the third picture of saying it. Plus you should already about not having a mastery amulet, a pet, and a staff/wand to have on you that glows and will give off your spot all fast. Also make sure you have a jump star so that you can taunt a few elfs and gobblers on the tag game :).

Duncan StormThief said...

It seams i can't find crown winners. Where should i look?

TheDrakeFlame said...

The party looked like fun! Wish I could have been there!

Val, I suggest you get a Twitter account for the blog to keep us informed about new posts etc. :)

~Chris DrakeFlame.