Monday, November 19, 2012

Stuck on Azteca quest

I don't know about you but twice now I've been lost on Azteca quests where there was no follow-up quest to talk to the quest giving NPC...

After a lot of running around and looking everywhere!!!!  I finally was in the right area and saw on the map a flashing circle over a guy on the map.  I ran over there and into a doorway that I didn't remember and found the guy who was keeping me from leveling up.

If you are stuck as well you might want to check it out.  The cool thing was that I noticed the quest guy highlighted in yellow (see below) while I was screen capping the location of the UFO!

The guy below is the one that was keeping my quest hidden!  How rude!  Anyway. If you get stuck look for not just the NPCs on the map but look for the glowing one.  Then when your quest tracker stops working you can eventually find your way back to your quest.

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David Ravencatcher said...

Happy Thanksgiving Val!

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