Monday, May 13, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Tonight I went out and did some weeding in our garden and finished up feeling happy, itchy and dirty.  Now, if you are a virtual gardener you probably just end up feeling that sense of satisfaction without the dirt and itch...

The creators of Wizard101 wanted us to have a little motivation to get our virtual spring gardening under way... To help out they are giving 5 Red Barn Farms and 20 seed packs.

Join us tomorrow for the start of the gardening contest!

Get your green thumbs ready.


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Danilca De la Rosa said...

So my favorite things to crop are the bread fruit bush and the dandelions. The bread fruit bush almost always needs magic and the occasional rank 3 pets. What I do with the seeds so my backpack nor bank fill up, is that I save the seeds in the attic. So keep on planting!