Friday, May 31, 2013

Pet a Palooza has Started

Up to 50% off of all pets!

Pet-a-palooza is not only about the good ol' pets but new ones to the spiral.  You may have seen these ones swimming, wheeling and padding around the spiral... (awesome new pets that go with the new bundle cards that are available)

This guy looks like Logan's beta fish "King".  Of course Madame Duncan kinda has a different ring to it.

 Jasmine the polar bear is looking pretty chill even in the hot jungle.

Of course the hacker in me loves this pet.  The "Trojan Horse" which besides being a cool wooden horse on wheels that won the Trojan War for the good guys but it's also a term used to describe a program that is made to look good but is really bad.

Leo. go over to that door and wait until Morganthe lets you in.  Then when she's not looking I'll jump out and ...

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