Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Housekeeping

So I was doing some spooky spell casting tonight with shadow spells in between giving out candy.  We had a lot of trick-or-treaters this year and we ran out of candy! *shocked face* :O

At work today I was a ninja.  Yes, they encourage us to dress up and last year I was lame so this year I did and it was fun.  There were some amazing costumes including a Halo guy who looked totally real and a sheep and some "minions" from Despicable Me and a sheep (don't laugh... she won the contest) and a guy wearing pajamas and hugging on to a Spider Man doll.  There are some other crazy ones like a dragon-rider and a punk rocker. I think the guy that was the punk rocker was just going back to his high-school persona.

And yes I totally embarrassed myself and did a nunchuck routine which was really kinda lame because I was using 'chucks made from 15 sheets of rolled paper per side and some cord.  They were a last minute hack but they mostly worked.

So anyway, back to the shadow spells...  here are the ones I'm talking about.  They use shadow pips (black pips) even though they say they take 0 pips I guess they require a black pip to be present which sometimes can take a long time.  So here are the bad-boys...

Now shadow magic has a price.  Use these spells only if you are willing to pay the price!  You will notice a new shadow spell tab in your spell book when you get these.  They can be added to your deck like regular cards but used only with shadow pips so good luck keeping these in your hand during a duel.  

They allow you to create a positive affect but with a bad effect which gradually wears off over 3 turns.

There are some subtleties about these spells that require an explanation which I'll detail in future posts.


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Suri said...

Spooktacular article.........
Hope we find out more as we play with these bad boys. Bahaaaaa, sheep talk for Thank You......