Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pet Traits for Success in PVP by Mamzell

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Mamzell here to talk about Wizard strategy...

Which category do you fit into?  Are you a Defensive player or a Offensive player?

When setting up your wizard you can choose one or like I prefer choose to set your player up to go either way.  I like the ability to change a few equipment options and be able to either hit hard and fast or have the staying power to be able to take a beating.  Since the Storm players have been given the ability to knock ya socks off and not be blocked we had to rethink strategy.... "Thanks to Duncan aka Luke" and his great insight to strategy I have learned the following.....

Offensive Players:
1. If you set your player to hit hard you want the critical possibility to be over 300.  The higher the better.  The thought here is if you hit first and hit hard you don't need defense.  ;-)
 2.  A good pet that gives you 4 types of hit strength and 1 heal.  (May  cast fairy is the best heal in my opinion.)
This is a perfect Offensive pet ;-)

3.  Your pip percentage should be as high as possible.

Defensive Players:

1.  Clothing and gear that offer your player protection from hits. The higher your Resistance and Block Rating the better.

2.  A pet that has 10% Spell Proof, 5% Spell Defy, May Cast Fairy, Unicorn, and spritely.

This is a perfect defense pet ;-)

So which type player are you going to choose? 
The main thing is to just have some Wizardly fun ;-)


Calon Guan said...

the SPUD of course. Resistance has never been more important, especially in pvp. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it thanks for the post. Oh think you might want to mix that death pet?

Duncan Lightstone (life wizard extream) said...

Great stuff here keep it coming

Luke Skywalker (no your not my father lol) said...

How do you get all the heals or damages on to one pet? I try and I get all kinds of stuff like cards or mana or pips. What is the secrets to getting it right?