Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Contest Finished and What's Next

We had a lot of codes so there were a lot of winners!  So those lucky ones will be have received emails already with codes.  I don't know who got what code so I hope you enjoy your prize.

Don't forget to pop over to test realm and check things out.

Well, after you're done exploring test realm and trying hard to catch up on your quests in the regular realm, I'm hopeful that we can do something...

The Old Ravenwood...
An old blog friend sent an email to me that reminded me of all the awesome things we used to do.  There were lots of parties and online meets.  Not to mention more friendship and fun.  Like him, I miss the old days of hanging out and really having the time to talk and look out for each-other and hold parties meet and greets.

I've been part of the problem though. Life has changed a lot with a lot more worries, more obligations, and a lot more work... and for everything I choose to spend my time on I give up something else. But what have I been giving up already?  My buddies and friends who have been with me through hard times and good times.

If you have been missing out on friend time on Wizard I hope we can find those activities and things that draw us closer together again.

Please comment and vote with your comments for what kind of activities you'd like to help with.  I think Ravenwood Ball should come back along with some of the other meet/greets and questing parties.

So if you're on board with the idea or you want to suggest a new one or especially if you want to help with one please leave a comment and tell us what you're up to and we'll see how we can coordinate and get the word out.

Your friend Vale


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Colin said...

I agree. We should really bring those things back