Monday, April 7, 2014

Test Realm Open with Second Half of Khrysalis

If you don't know where to download test realm you can get it here:

There are 3 main new segments of Khyrsalis...
1) Crescent Beach, Ruined Alcazar
2) Radiance Reborn, Sardonyx
3) Kondha Desert, The Hive, Shadow Palace 

New "Shadow Forged" weapons will have their own may-cast features.

Among the new awesomeness is new school pets for rank 98 wizards.

Also at level 98 you'll be able to access new spells...

  • New shift spells do something sneaky for 4 pips 
  • New global or dome spells are powered up 
  • And new shadow creature spells will give you more power if you can master them
New crafting changes also await you.  There are almost too many things to list...

Go check it out!


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Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Hey Vale! First of all, TEST REALM!!! WOOO!!!!!

Second, if you haven't heard yet, I'm back in the Spiral and I sent out a very important email earlier to bloggers but I lost your email so I'm sending it to Ali to forward it to you. Please take a look at it at your earliest convenience.

I hope all is well and it's been far too long so we should catch up sometime.