Saturday, May 31, 2014

A good route for finding comet tails and stardust

So if you're into crafting and you need to craft the latest stuff you'll find you need comets and stardust that comes from them if you're really lucky.

This route works from the top of the ridge and works down to the lowlands...  Note the green arrow on the map to see where my character is and you can pretty much work your way there.  Just don't run into bad guys while you have the map up or it will take you a long time!

There is one more but I find that it takes you pretty far out of the way of the route and you often get caught trying to get.  You'll find if you switch realms in between then you can collect quite a few so you don't need to risk grabbing the really dangerous ones.

This is not a comet but you can pick up this chessboard complete with a skeletal pirate at Skull Rock.

 Here's where Skull Rock is on the map

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