Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pictures from the Spiral - It's All About Perspective

As I'm traveling the spiral I like to take pictures.  Of course the more interesting ones they are the more I like them.  So I try to see things from a different angle...  Try clicking the mouse button and dragging the camera to a new angle before snapping a picture with the Print-Screen button.  That will help you get that fun picture that will make a good memory.

Check out these crazy pictures I snapped recently.


 Run for your lives!

Come a little closer...

 I suddenly feel short

That's a lovely bunch of coconuts 

A bird's eye view of awesomeness 

 That's a lot of fists in mid air... and what's that piggle doing powering up on shadow magic?

I knew I should have called a plumber! 

When Christmas elves get angry... 

How can they sleep after such a big meal?

I've been reduced to feathers by a chunk of ice falling from the sky

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Cole GoldenFlame said...

lol, that's a good bunch of shots