Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Contest Winners

Thanks for all the awesome entries. Here are the winners in random order.  I got the prizes sent out tonight so watch your email. Check out these cool pictures. 


khemraj ramdeo 

chat & games 

Legend Star 

Marissa Dragon Tail - Alina Kierzun

Samantha Nighttail (Aleksandra)

Patrick   Sour Pie 

Ted Lau 

Brandon OwlSword (Daniel)

Maryam Matta 

Stephanie Cordery 

Destiny Wizard 


Blaze FireSmith

Chase Frostslinger 

Patiphan Arsanam

James Catcher

Keira Unicorn 

Tanniym Derya 

Vanessa Stormriver 

Victoria Ice 

Alexandra Iceheart 

Alyssa Stormcloud 

 Julia Rey 



DragonRider said...

How did you know our real name? and I though I sent in Gilroy BearStalker O. o

Vale said...

When you send a person an email your wonderful email program will put your name in the place of your email address and then add your email address to the end of the name like: Valerian Cool

Spooky I know! :P