Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Contest

Halloween Contest is one of my favorites...  Here's an example of the awesome art we got last year...

But I want to do something a little different this time... For this one I'd like to see a picture of your Wizard house or dorm room decorated for Halloween.

The contest will end October 29th so you'll need to be speedy.  To hurry things along we'll assign winners randomly so everyone has an equal chance to win even if you're a noob.
You can send them to:.

Here's what you can win...
1st Place Prize Pack:
One Random Pet (Zombie Piggle, Nightmare or Ghost Dragon)
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks

2nd Place Prize Pack:
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks
5,000 Crowns

3rd Place Prize:
7 Chocolate Pet Snacks

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