Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five Boxes Party with King Isle

We had a fun run through the Zafaria police box.  As you may know, the boxes are a fun cross-over for Dr Who fans which contain "towers" basically so you get a full complement of fights and challenging bosses depending on your level.  The boxes travel through time and space to deliver you to other adventures.  In this case the box goes to Pirate Island in the Pirate 101 world.  You fight off some pirates, clockwork soldiers and free some other pirates.  If you haven't played Pirate 101 you should check it out!

Leesha Darkheart with KingIsle set up this blog-tour run through the Zafaria box. If you are level 60 you can pick up this quest from the Doctor in Zafaria crossroads. (I don't think he shows up on the map but take a left and you'll bump right into him)

Here are some pics from the adventure and after party.  Lots of fans showed up and were going crazy with mounts and pets and creating a virtual tornado of virtual wizards.  It was fun.

Seriously if you haven't watched Dr Who you should!  I'm a huge fan.  The episodes that have been on for the past few years are a lot of fun. We all need a Dr!  My favorite Dr was Matt Smith... who is yours?


The box is bigger on the inside!  Is this a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in the Spiral)?

It's a shark feeding frenzy... where we feed them some Deer Knight and Blizzard.

This Maestro's bark is bigger than his bite but he and his guys can lay down a lot of damage if you don't get shielded a bit.

 Leesha and Friendly saying goodbye to some fans who showed up to support the run.

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