Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gardening Blast on Wizard101 and Ice Grimoire Pet

Are you seeing double?  I think I have an explanation!  Check out the Wizard101 plant promotion.

Now through Sunday Jan 25th, Wizard101 paid members will get double drops from gardening plants.  If you have some plants ready to go give them some TLC so they can be harvested before the deadline!

What do you garden for - pet snacks or crafting supplies?


I was lucky enough to pick up an Ice Grimoire pet.  So far it has ice trap (hmm), 24 critical! 3% incoming heal (hmm) and 4% pips (meh).   But I think it has potential!  I'd love to mix it with a pet that has some healing an extra tough to make up for Ice's generally weak hitting.  Duncan manages to get some intense hitting power with his ice gear but generally to really get the ability to live through a fight with a storm wizard in PVP you need to be able to hit really hard.  Even with that extra hitting power you still struggle in PVP and high-stakes questing.  In the arena, with weaker hits you risk setting off the healing pets and then you get nuked with a multi-thousand tough lightening bugs spell and it's game over.  So as Ice you probably need to look to pets to get that extra bit of hitting power that helps you actually keep the Ice legacy of awesomeness alive.

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