Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hoping for a Yorkie wizard pet

So. I've seen all kinds of pets around the spiral...

But I've never seen one this cute!

This pup, Rockwell Valerian Nightsong, came to me specifically because of Wizard101.  (yep) A great Wiz IRL friend's Yorkie, Miss Pheobe, had a puppy and long story short, because of that awesome event we were able to have this guy as part of our lives. I was going to ask Wizard for a Yorkie pet for my own self but I think if they end up making one for us the very first one should go to Suri Spiritcaller.

I don't think a day goes by without hearing the word "cute" about 40 times because of this amazing little guy.  This is his typical attentive look.  He's always anxious to try to read our minds about whatever we might want to do. Recently he learned the word "laser" and gets really excited when you shine one for him to chase.  He also does the Lassie thing when he wants you to go somewhere to help him.  He will look at you then run a few paces toward the thing he wants and will pant very loudly "heh heh" as he runs back and forth to make sure you're following.  I'll see if I can get a video of him doing that.

Anyway, I think if you want a smash hit pet KI, this would be the dog of dogs to have.


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Aww, Beautiful Boy "Rock"