Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Test Realm with Major Upgrades

Amazing new changes have come to Wizard101 test realm...

Supercharge your gear with jewel enhancements!  You'll be able to add rare gems to your gear that can add extra magical power.

Among many hundreds of other changes there is now fishing in Dragonspyre.  Not only this but there are new bosses in different world that will drop skeleton keys that get you into different areas that you really want to be if you're looking for rare drops.

What's even more cool is that you can now join a team!  I'll post more about this shortly...

So if you haven't already, log into and grab the test realm download.  You have to click the red ribbon on the top right of the page and it will send you to the download page for test realm.  You'll need to click the tiny box that says you agree to the terms and then you get the download link.


P.S.. If you want to install it to a hard drive which is not the default, like D for example... there's a link on the progress bar that when clicked brings up install options that allows you to pick a different path. For me, I had to type over the C:\program files\Wizard101TestRealm\  with D:\program files\Wizard101TestRealm\  With that done, and the install underway the game is safely installed on a drive with enough room!

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M.W.S said...

It's about time we can modify our stats. I have some ideas in mind when I return to Wiz this summer.