Monday, September 7, 2015

Wizard101 7th Birthday Events

It's a month of special fun around the spiral, celebrating the 7th birthday of Wizard101.  We are starting the Birthday contest!

Seven things I enjoy about Wiz

1) Originally when I started to play it was to connect with my kids when I traveled.
2) I realized it was really fun and the challenge of deck combat was really fun.
3) Later I started playing because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I like to finish things I start.
4) I discovered I really enjoyed making new friends.
5) Then I enjoyed PVP.
6) Then I discovered that I liked to keep up with my friends online and enjoyed the socializing.
7) Now I enjoy keeping in touch with my sister and my friends while enjoying some of the aspects of enhancing my gear.  

While I've pretty much given up on PVP and some other things due to the cost and some of the unique school spells that tip the balance a bit in favor of some schools, I figure some day, when my gear is fully upgraded and my farmed spells collected and strategies perfected, maybe I'll show up in PVP again gradually.


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Alexa petro said...

I love is:
1. Gardening!
2. Talking to my friends
3. Questing with my best friend
4. Fishing!
6. Training pets
7. Making new friends

Anonymous said...

7 things I love about wizard101 is: Fishing, doing some pvp, gardening, level uping my pets, to meet some new friends, just doing some side quests, and I love how wizard101 makes birthday partys for us! :)

Jereomy Calkin said...

1. Mounts
2. Pets
3. Decorating my houses
4. Questing
5. Leveling up my wizards
6. Fishing. I like trying to catch one of every fish.
7. The way spells are cast and the animation of the attacks

Sophia AoS said...

Wizard101 has been a truly amazing game for the many years that I have been playing. So much content and so many things we are able to do. Here has to be my top 7 things:
1. Fishing - Just one addition to the game that adds so much more depth to the game
2. Constant updating
3. Friends you can make
4. Outfits
5. Scenery
6. Worlds
7. Quests

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway

Danny R said...

7 Things I love from Wizard101

Making Friends, decorating my houses, house pvp parties, helping my friends and sisters on quests, questing NPC assistants, special holiday events, dyeable pets and mounts :).

Anonymous said...

1. Friends you meet
2. Decorating
3. The different characters
4. The different storylines
5. PVP
6. Mount collecting!
7. Pet collecting!

~julia rainbreaker~

Maria said...

I love the people
I love the story
I love pet training, however frustrating
I love the escape it gives when I'm stressed
I love the costume design
I looooove halloweeen
and I love the part of my childhood it made up

Brandon OwlSword said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

1) I love making friends
2) Doing PvP!
3) Having fun gardening and fishing
4) Trading rare treasure cards with friends
5) Questing through all the worlds!
6) That Kingsisle interacts with their players
7) The game in general and it's entirety! :D

Kiley MS said...

Seven things I like about Wizard:

* The variety of mounts
* Pets, pets, pets! For everyone and everything
* The opportunity of being able to farm bosses for crown mounts, gear and spells (although drop rates are another story...)
* When there are events in the Spiral, along with the set of limited time item drops
* The fact that even though it's a kids game, it becomes pretty challenging on higher worlds so it satisfies a wide audience
* The originality of the worlds and how they are interconnected through the story
* And most importantly, the amount of people I've been able to meet in this game. Really great friends (:

Anonymous said...

Ty for the contest! :D

Duncan StormThief said...

Pets, pets, pets, pets, pets, pets and of course, my Katherine <3

Matthew ShadowBlade said...

1. Definitely socializing. What's life without people, after all?
2. PVP! I'm just so obsessed with it, even though an exalted storm faces so many disadvantages. The competitive PvP meta is so fun though, but I still rage quite a lot.
3. Crafting. It's just so fun collecting things and making stuff with it, dunno why, just is.
4. Pets. I'm a perfectionist type and seeing awesome pets makes me feel great. And when I'm the one that has the pets, I feel so accomplished.
5. Spells. With any new update, spells is my main focus. It's their awesome animation and the idea of the spells and their lore/backstory and most importantly, their effect on PvP (I love PvP so much)
6. Gardening. It's way easier than real life and it's a passive source for TC, gold, reagents, and most importantly, mega snacks ;D
7. Taking screenshots. The game is full of beautiful scenery and you also come across moments that make for awesome pictures. I've taken thousands among thousands of screenshot, many of which I post to Twitter, stimulating conversation and thus, allowing us to socialize with something as the center.

Keela said...

7 things I enjoy in Wizard101
1. gardening
2. fishing
3. questing
4. I like running around and taking pictures
5. decorating house
7. I like that you can do lots of things in wizard101 and don't get bored :)

Anonymous said...

1. I love the way there is always something to do to suit my mood.
2. I like helping others with cards from my garden.
3. I like chatting with other wizards.
4. I like decorating my houses, slow as I can be at it :)
5. I like my on line groups discussing the game.
6. I like all the different pets.
7. I like how playing different schools changes the way the game goes.

Caroline Willowsong

Kevin Thunderthief said...

1) i love how open the community is and how you can find friends
2) i like how i dont win pvp but i win practice matches :|
3) i love the music to azteca, celestia, and Avalon
4) i like how the dialogue and theme goes together with the whole game
5) i like that morganthe is HOT
6) i love the world dragonsphyre
7) i love how even though I wont win, I'll still love this game forever and ever( a thousand years in the background)