Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wizard101 Birthday NOW and Live Stream Sept 3rd

Now through Sept 8th Wizard101 is having a huge 7 year Birthday bash! For those of you that don't know that's a major achievement for a MMORPG. Most games are lucky to make it to 3 years old but Wizard101 has always been a bit different than your normal game and they've always been willing to listen to ideas from you. So keep them coming!

For the next few days you should be able to redeem this code on the Wizard101 site: happy7thbday
If you've already claimed the Birthday stuff you won't be able to claim it again.

Be watching for a live stream from Wizard101 staff at this URL tomorrow Sept 3rd... Wizard Live Stream Party

Here's a wrinkly-winkly timey-wimey picture of Vale from way way back. (The oldest picture I can find so far) Where's that TARDIS when you need it?


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Anonymous said...

where did you get the death pirate hat OMG?!?!?!