Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have it on good authority that Ice hound has been officially reborn!  I declare that today should go down in Wizard101 history as a day of rejoicing.

Keep your guessing coming about the Celestia release.

p.s. It helps if you have a blogger or google account.  That way I can verify who is the REAL you :) 

I'm about to award the idea contest winners for the latest round of wiz ideas.  Thanks for your patience.  I was on a holiday far from Wizard City but now I'm back so thanks for sticking around.

Valerian Nightbringer


Theresa said...

I thought you had been so devestated by the loss of ice hound that you were on leave. Glad to see you both back--and that the ICE HOUND returns :)


Ghostmancer said...

I think Celestia will be released at 5 AM PST, on October 15. ;)

Valerian Nightbringer said...

:) ty for the well wishes! I was pretty bummed but my friends and my readers keep me coming back. And an awesome black and white dog is definately a great reason to log in :)

axel1547 said...

i never lost my ice hound or an other pet i hhad