Sunday, August 8, 2010

Missing Items in Wizard101

Is anyone missing items still from the Celestia pre-quest update?  It's my understanding that KingIsle is no longer replacing items that were lost before this time.  (As of the first day of August) 

Cody SkyRider (aka: Cody ScoopWriter) was missing arena boots and his grand pet and despite contacting them prior to the date in question, and asking for the specific items to be returned in a courteous manner has been refused the return of his items.

If anyone else is in the same situation with crown or arena items and or grand pets let me know and I'll start a thread for you.  If a resolution is offered you need to be able to name specifically what was lost.  Of course former ownership of items can be verified so don't try to cheat or you'd get caught and probably banned.  But if you're legitimately missing stuff reply to this post.

Valerian Nightbringer

PS  Our weekly winner on the idea contest is Gold Bank that Earns Interest  ( I think that's yours Galifreyan Witch :) )  Followed closely by Mirror to Change Your Looks and Post Office For Offline Messages

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Dylan Firegem said...

I lost my only mount it was a Enchanted broom (5,000 crowns) I also went back a few quests but I didn't care much about the quests I sent Kingsisle about 10 emails they didn't reply once :(
I really miss my mount too.