Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pre Shut Down Bolt Party ( I mean arena battle )

My good friend Suri (life wiz) and I were in arena getting in some long overdue pvp.  Along comes a two storm team to verse us including a friend Autumn.  Now in arena usually storm wizards will throw a StunLord at the earliest opportunity.  What made this battle anything but predictable was my sweet friend Autumn throwing by Suri's count 7 bolts in a row EVERY one hitting.

Anyway, I've known people to delete friends over being on the recieving end of snipered bolts in arena.  I was greatly annoyed but what can I say more than what I've already said?

Oh, and BTW :( an arena competitor had a living beautiful ice puppy with him.  It made me sad all over again. 
I will never hear the sound,
of my beloved ice hound,
who so briefly gave me joy.

Will I ever,
or never,
see him again?


Kevin BattleBlood said...

It exists! It lives! It still can be hatchable!!

My2Cents said...

I saw 3 Ice Hounds yesterday in the arena. It made me sad when I remembered about you Vale. * sigh * Poor poor doggy.

Adi said...

You can just mix with another Ice Hound. Any pet mixed with an Ice Hound has a chance of getting you an Ice Hound.

Valerian Nightbringer said...

Thanks, My2Cents. Sweet of ya :)

Yes Adi I think there is still a change to get one in a mix with someone who has one. But I have heard the KI brought it back as a orthrus/colossus mix again! Yay!