Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celestia Sun school mutates and where to get them

Check out this secret trainer in Storm Riven Hall in Wizard101's Celestia world.  He's quite the sneaky salesman even though he doesn't look it.  He sold me that mutate card from the previous post.  So that doesn't happen to you check out this list so you know what to expect.

Level 54 - Sprite to Midnight sprite (180 Death Damage and +20% to next tough spell)
Level 55 - Locust Swarm into Polar Swarm (35+420 Ice Damage over 3 rounds)
Level 55 - Banshee into Forsaken Banshee (375 Life Damage and Hex)
Level 56 - Ice Wyvern into Fire Wyvern (95+600 Fire Damage over 3 rounds)
Level 56 - Kraken into Inferno Kraken (245+450 Fire Damage over 3 rounds)
Level 57 - Minotaur into Deadly Minotaur (65 and 600 Death Damage)
Level 58 - Phoenix into Thunderbird (610 Storm Damage and Hex x3)

So it appears that if a Storm wiz learns Fire spells they get a pretty good card for their trouble.  5 pips for a huge hit plus the hexes is a no brainer.  Fire gets a good mediocre spell for learning Storm as a second school but a rocking spell if they learn Ice for a second school.  Then Death, which often picks Myth as a second school (for the early and reliable multi-hit of humongofrog) get a great reward in Deadly Minotaur which hits harder than "captain jack".  Ice gets a nearly duplicate spell to frostbite for learning Balance.  A Life that learns Death school gets an ok spell in Banshee.  And Death gets a pretty fair deal with Sprite which most Death wizards will have.

As I discovered, just because the card shows as Sun School, the resulting card will not be usable on your pips.  The mutate itself takes 0 pips but to cast the resulting card takes the usual number of pips for the original base card.  Basically, it makes a card that acts like the school of the spell it mutates to.  But the school that the card turns into is not always obvious unless you have a cheat-sheet like this.  For example... who would ever guess that a "Forsaken Banshee" is actually a life Banshee?

So, when you train with this guy be careful to be sure you can use your school's pips on the card that it creates or I'd strongly recommend against it.

Happy Casting!
Valerian Nightbringer

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