Monday, January 31, 2011

Test realm online! Cool new updates coming!

There are a million different updates coming to Wizard101 but a couple ROCKIN ones of note can't wait to be mentioned...

Energy will refill twice as fast.
Your backpack will grow to 120 slots!

Your Crafting Timers will now reset twice as fast.

Your friends list will expand to 120 people!

And perhaps WAY coolest of all (and I do mean COOOOOL) is that ice hound pet will now cast ice hound!

Oh! And new houses are available!  A crown one (below) 
                                                        .... and a crafted Celestia one

Read all about the changes coming at and don't forget to log into the test realm.


ali said...

Fun! That space one reminds me of the Jetsons, lol.

~ Rowan WaterTamer

Anonymous said...

OH vale ;-(

This post is so one sided.

Just my Point of View....

I realize that change is always gonna happen but, I have to say, I feel it is so wrong - if you look at it from my point of view ;-)

One of the banners that scroll by on wizard start up page reads:
Family Orientated, Kid Friendly Game...

I remember reading in a Very Good Book that - He Giveth and He Taketh Away... I don't think Kings Isle was what it was in reference to. I also feel the core values being taught through Kings Isle are not all good ones.

Being part Native American I was taught a few life lessons:

Don't be an Indian giver -this applies to the recent changes to Crown Equipment and Pets.

Think of Others: ( Always Share )
This applies to bringing out a New Pet and then 1 or 2 weeks later removing it.

A mans' word is his worth:
This applies to the gift card pets that were changed. ( for those who had no idea it was a glitch and spent money buying card for the reason it had 2 blades )

I am not sure what they mean by ice hound cast it's own card? I see no change in mine as of yet? But if it will "may cast" instead of me targeting who i wanna hit

"ehem, cough cough", then all pets that have a hit card should do the same.

I do not have children that i need to worry about their values so I may be a bit off key:


"It takes a village to raise a child" comes to my mind.....

So, I believe Kings Isle is not as Kid Friendly Family Oriented as they were in the start of the game. I use to feel if I spent my money on the game it was a good investment for me because it is a life saver so to say for me, but... I am at a point where I think hmmmm If I buy that crown Item will it change later to something I don't want or that gift card will it be the same in say 3 months?

I was raised and still am a very opinionated girl ;) Sooo I want to teach the children that play this game that it is wrong to be an Indian Giver and that a Man's Word is his Worth, and to make any item ( pets, food, toys, clothing etc.) equally accessible to all. I wanna be a part of this village ;-)

All of these issues could be fixed and future ones avoided if Kings Isle left Test Realm open longer and accurately tested new items before release. I know they as many are, all about the quick money - but it doesn't mean it is right....

Just my point of view,
Suri Spiritcaller