Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stark Raven Mad

I thought it would be fun to solo the Ravens the other day.  It's true, I'm level 60 now with the best ice gear.  Still this was a challenge.  First I drew all my hits in the first draw of cards leaving me only one card's worth of room to find shields and blades.  I had the pips to take them down 2x over but no blades to set up for it.  I fizzled on a critical ice armor and got nuked by a round of hits.  I had no choice but to use all my pips for healing at this point.  Then I fizzled on a storm/fire shield! (good grief)  After that I thought I'd put on the dome that gives you a pip for each 4 pip spell that hits you.  Wouldn't you know but I got hit by two rounds of 3 pip spells!  Finally in despiration with 4 spammed weakness on me I threw a frosty followed by a blizzard.  Naturally, with their cheating ways, they didn't get stunned by the Frosty and continued to nuke me like crazy.  Thankfully my puppy woke up and cast a couple of very much needed sprites.

With the 4 ravens having about 1500 health left I cast a double bladed (plus dome) frosty and it went critical for 4400! woot!  My friend Tera ported in to witness the final round of blizzard that finished off the last one that had been hiding behind an ice shield.  I finished with 1102 health... not a bad showing for an ice wiz.

Sadly when i finished i checked my video which had grown to 3 GB and it refuses to open in any player.  Here's a picture of me and my only living witness to the awesomeness that took place that fateful day...

She by the way is entering the castle contest.  I'll show you some pics tomorrow.

Have you had any amazing solo victories?  Post about them in comments and I'll pick one at random for a prize!


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice! I tried this several weeks ago... guess I need a better strategy, and didn't get a Critical. My Storm soloed Malistaire as a LVL 50 Storm -before Celestia- and I regularly solo Kensington Park in an hour on my Legendary Myth, count one of those as my entry :)

Aaron Starheart said...

I was in Celestia trying to level up to sixty and wanted to farm for gold and I decided to try to solo the shark boss by the pirates in the crustacean empire. It was epic. First it was like any battle I bladed with a elemental blade and ice blade. I cast the balefrost aura and ice trap. With my natural increase in ice magic I deal... Critical frost giant with (sorry I don't remember the exact number i remember it was over 1,000). Then I went treant and healed to full health and then bladed and traped and cast my last spell Frost giant, with critical. The shark stopped swimming and I had officially soloed him

Deni said...

i was fighting some random guy in celestia, i dont remember his name but he was one of those bosses is that is all by himself, with no minions. So anyways i thought he would be pretty easy to kill. So I polymorphed into a cat bandit and saved up pips, getting ready for and awesome tempest. Just before i used it though, he used a full pip Judgement on me. After the dust had settled, I had 42 health, and he had 1,300. He put a trap, i put a trap, he bladed, I bladed. He passed one round then i did stormzilla, bringing him down to 500. He tried to hit me but fizzled. I did a two pip tempest, with a critical, bringing him down to 200. He put a trap then tried to hit me again but once again he fizzled! Thanks to his fizzle I was able to do a storm shark and finish him.
-Malorn Ghostrider

Anonymous said...

Pyromancer Talon Thunderblade here!
I soloed...
Tree of Life-level 42
Jade Oni-level 43
Shirataki Temple up to Wavebringer-level 46
All of Village of Sorrows-level 42
Dr. Von Katzenstein-level 32
(I am level 46!)
See you in the Spiral!

Anonymous said...

Pyromancer Talon Thunderblade here! (level 46)
I soloed...
Jade Oni, level 43
Tree of Life, level 42
Shirataki Temple up to Wavebringer, level 46
All of Village of Sorrows,level 42
Dr. Von Katzenstein, level 32
See you in the Spiral!

Anonymous said...

Hey,Talon Thunderblade here ...
sorry for double posting the samething.
my computer was a bit messed up.
I recently soloed Sylvia Drake's Tomb in The Necropolis on level 47 as a quest. I soloed some bosses in The Crucible.
I am now on level 48 about to solo my Fire Dragon spell quest